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  • Saturday, May 14, 2005

    Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92 2XLP Sells For $41 On Ebay

    "Selected Ambient Works 85-92", an Apollo/R & S 2-record collection of early ambient works by Richard D. James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin), recently sold for $41 in an Ebay auction. This release is fairly common on CD but has become increasingly difficult to track down on Vinyl. A very large number of R & S Records (& sublabels) vinyl 2-record artist releases (as opposed to label compilations) have been doing very well on Ebay lately and this release joins them.
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  • Juan Atkins "Sonic Sunset" 2XLP on R&S Sells For Over $46 On Ebay

    "Sonic Sunset", a mid 1990's 2 X LP set released by Model 500 (Juan Atkins) on R & S Records recently sold for 25 British pounds (over $46 U.S.) in an Ebay auction that ended with "buy it now". The vinyl version of this release is much harder to find than the CD and includes some rather spectacular cover art. This is just one of many Detroit techno releases on R & S records that regularly sell for large amounts on Ebay. The tracklisting is as follows:

    A1 Sonic Sunset (Calm Mix) (7:37)
    A2 Sonic Sunset (Cave Mix) (6:49)
    B1 Neptune (12:22)
    C1 I Wanna Be There (18:50)
    D1 Sonic Sunset (Third Wave Mix) (7:19)
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  • Kevin Saunderson E-Dancer "Heavenly" 3XLP Sells For Over $57 On Ebay

    "Heavenly", a compilation of tracks recorded by Kevin Saunderson under his E-Dancer alias, sold for 31 British pounds (over $57 U.S.) in an Ebay auction on Thursday. This 10-track compilation contains rare tracks licensed from Incognito Records as well as KMS and includes remixes by Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, and Juan Atkins. Saunderson also recorded under the aliases Inner City (with Paris Grey), Reese Project/Reese, & Tronikhouse among others. Saunderson's releases were generally more readily available than those of other Detroit techno stalwarts, but this 3 record set is one of the rare exceptions. Containing some of his trackiest, hardest, most underground, & least pop-oriented material, Saunderson's songs recorded as E-Dancer seem to have stood the test of time better than some of his other material. The tracklisting is as follows:

    A Banjo
    B1 World Of Deep (Carl Craig Mix) Remix - Carl Craig
    B2 Behold
    C Velocity Funk
    D1 Pump The Move (Kenny Larkin Mix) Remix - Kenny Larkin
    D2 Oombah
    E1 Cry For The Future
    E2 Warp
    F1 The Move (D-Wynn Mix) Remix - D-Wynn
    F2 Heavenly (Juan Atkins Re-mix) Remix - Juan Atkins
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  • H & M (Robert Hood & Jeff Mills) "Drama" EP on Axis Sells For Over $110 On Ebay

    "Drama" a rare Axis records vinyl release by Robert Hood & Jeff Mills (H & M) sold for $110.50 in an Ebay auction on May 2. Robert Hood & Jeff Mills had previously co-founded Underground Resistance along with Mad Mike Banks. This release has been deleted and is no longer available. This was Axis release #6 and the tracklisting is as follows:

    A1 Drama (Upstage Decision)
    A2 Drama (The Wings)
    A3 Epilogue
    B1 Real Life
    B2 Suspense
    B3 Perception
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  • Friday, May 13, 2005

    Carl Craig "Landcruising" Blanco Y Negro 2 X LP Sells For $66 On Ebay

    The double vinyl version of "Landcruising" by Carl Craig on Blanco Y Negro Records recently sold for $66 in an Ebay auction. This is just one of many very collectible releases from one of the greatest musicians of Detroit music. The tracklisting is as follows:

    A1 Mind Of A Machine (9:20)
    A2 Science Fiction (8:04)
    B1 A Wonderful Life (6:27)
    B2 Technology (7:07)
    B3 They Were (5:59)
    C1 Landcruising (3:46)
    C2 Einbahn (5:22)
    D1 One Day Soon (5:03)
    D2 Home Entertainment (6:43)
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  • "Objets D'Art" 4X12" Record Set Sells For Over $127

    "Objets D'Art", a 4-record U.K. compilation of songs from Kirk DeGiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) label sold for $127.50 in a recent Ebay auction. Released by New Electronica and available only on vinyl, this ambient techno compilation is a favorite of collectors and includes compositions by CARL CRAIG, KIRK DEGIORGIO, THE BLACK DOG, REDCELL & MATT COGGER. The tracklisting is as follows:

    A1 Balil Nort Route Remix

    A2 Atypic Blah

    B1 Future/Past Clinically Inclined Remix

    B2 As One Amalia

    C1 Future/Past Nebula Variations

    C2 Cmetric Debris

    D1 Balil The Whirling Of Spirits

    D2 As One Isatai

    E1 Future/Past T.R.Y. 2004 Funk

    E2 Neuropolitique Artemis

    F1 Esoterik Pursuit

    F2 Balil Choke And Fly

    G1 Psyche Neurotic Behavior

    G2 Psyche How The West Was Won

    H1 BFC Chicken Noodle Soup

    H2 BFC Sleep
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  • Drexciya "The Journey Home" EP on Warp Sells For Over $104 on Ebay

    "The Journey Home", a rare 1995 4-song EP by Drexciya released by Warp Records, recently sold for 56 British pounds (over $104 U.S.). This is just one of many very valuable and collectible releases by this Detroit techno and electro outfit, which included the late James Stinson and Gerald Donald. The tracklisting is as follows:

    Black Sea

    Darthouven Fish Men

    Hydro Theory

    Journey Home
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  • "Future Sound of Chicago" Cajual/Relief 3XLP Sells For Nearly $56 On Ebay

    "The Future Sound of Chicago", a compilation of songs from Chicago's Cajual and Relief Records labels, recently sold for 30 British pounds (nearly $56 U.S.) in an Ebay auction. This release was the first of 2 Cajual/Relief Records compilations released by England's Ministry of Sound Records. Most of the individual 12" singles from this compilation have been out of print for nearly a decade and are very hard to find.
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  • Derrick Carter "The Many Shades Of Cajual" 3XLP Sells For Over $180 on Ebay

    "The Many Shades of Cajual - The Future Sound of Chicago Volume II set of 3 12" singles recently sold for 97 British pounds in an Ebay auction (over $180 U.S.). Compiled by Derrick Carter, contains 18 tracks from Cajual Records in its heyday. This 1996 release also had a CD and cassette counterpart. The original Cajual Records 12" singles for most of these releases are almost impossible to find now and have been out of print for nearly a decade (or even over a decade in some cases). The tracklisting is as follows:

    A1 Glenn Underground Take Me Back
    Featuring - Cei-Bei
    A2 Glenn Underground S.J.U.
    A3 Glenn Underground Stay Around
    Featuring - Terence FM
    B1 Johnny Fiasco Conduction
    B2 DJ Sneak Message Of Love
    B3 Gemini If You Got To Believe In Something
    C1 Johnny Fiasco Zapped
    C2 Dajaé Day By Day (Green Velvet Mix)
    Remix - Green Velvet
    C3 Mark Grant Touch Me
    D1 Dajaé Get Up Off Me
    D2 Cajmere Horny
    D3 Big Ed U & I
    E1 Braxton Holmes Presents John Redman People Everyday
    E2 Terence FM Feelin' Kinda High
    E3 DJ Sneak Disco Erotica
    F1 Derrick Carter Dream States
    F2 Boo Williams Flash Back
    F3 Big Ed Do Me A Favor
    Featuring - Dana (2)
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  • Joey Negro "Here Comes the Sunburst Band" Rare 3 X LP Sells For Over $122 On Ebay

    "Here Comes the Sunburst Band" the rare 1998 triple album produced by Joey Negro/Dave Lee, recently sold for $122.50 in an Ebay auction. This rare record has never been repressed and includes a slightly different track selection than the 2004 CD repressing of this title (The LP set includes "I'll Be There For You" instead of "Garden of Love"). This release only appeared on Zedd Records and was never licensed to a major label. This certainly ranks as one of the most valuable Joey Negro items and only appears on Ebay a couple times a year (at least from reputable dealers). The results of this auction are a strong indication that the 4XLP box set of the 2004 follow-up album by the Sunburst Band (entitled "Till the End of Time") is an excellent investment, especially SEALED. Joey Negro has received a lot of recent exposure as a result of his being the DJ for the most recent Defected in the House installment.
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  • Kenny Larkin "The Metaphor" 2XLP On R & S Sells For Over $60 on Ebay...Twice

    "Metaphor", Kenny Larkin's classic 1996 vinyl double album released by R & S Records recently sold for over $60 in two different auctions on Ebay ending within one week of one another. "Metaphor" is fairly common on CD but much more difficult to find on vinyl, as is the case with his previous release entitled "Azimuth". This is just one of many very collectible Kenny Larkin items.
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  • Kenny Larkin Pod "Vanguard EP" on Buzz Records Sells For Over $76 On Ebay

    The Vanguard EP, a rare record released by Kenny Larkin under the alias "Pod", sold for 41 British pounds (over $76) on Ebay today. This is one of the rarest and most valuable of all Kenny Larkin collectibles and one of the many highly collectible early 1990's Detroit techno released from Belgium's defunct Buzz Records imprint. This EP was also released by Buzz on CD, that issue is even much rarer than the vinyl record version and probably would fetch over $100 in an Ebay auction if in decent condition. One of the tracks from this EP, "Northern Lights", later appeared on the Art of Dance label compilation entitled "Exhibits". The other tracks on the Vanguard EP are by and large exclusive to this EP which adds greatly to the appeal of this release along with its very appealing cover art. Larkin's "Corbomite Maneuver" EP (released under his Dark Comedy alias) was also released on both vinyl and CD by Buzz Records and is also highly collectible in both formats. However, that release was (and basically continues to be) readily available in Transmat Records pressings. That's what makes the Pod "Vanguard EP" unique and a more desirable collectible than Buzz Records releases of the "Corbomite Maneuver" EP. While "Corbomite Maneuver" was licensed from Transmat, Pod's "Vanguard EP" never appeared on Transmat nor has its material been licensed to many compilations.
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  • Kenny Larkin Warp Records "Azimuth" 2 X 12" Sells For $115 On Ebay

    The rare Warp Records vinyl double pack issue of Kenny Larkin's classic 1994 LP entitled "Azimuth" recently sold for over $115 on Ebay. This title is readily available on CD not only from Warp Records but also from Wax Trax Records in the U.S. The vinyl edition is another story altogether and is very hard to come by as evidenced by the results of this auction. The auction also included a bonus 7" single. "Azimuth" includes the song "Tedra", which originally appeared on the Buzz Records 1993 Detroit techno compilation entitled "Virtual Sex". Curiously, the artist name was given as "Lark" in that case, the only time Kenny Larkin has used "Lark" as an alias.
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  • Davina "Don't You Want It" UR 12" Sells For Over $65

    "Don't You Want It", a scarce record that is one of multiple records released as Underground Resistance #16, sold for over $65 dollars in an Ebay auction today. UR 016R) 'DON'T YOU WANT IT' WAS ORIGINALLY RELEASED AS A 3 TRACK 12" ON HAPPY RECORDS, ANOTHER SUBMERGE LABEL. THIS RELEASE ON UR CAME OUT IN 2002 AND FEATURES CLUB AND RADIO MIXES. THIS WAS A LIMITED PRESSING AND IS HARD TO COME BY NOW. This release actually came out on 3 different labels but is still very hard to find in any of its configurations. It has appeared on multiple Laurent Garnier mix CD's as well as numerous Submerge Records compilation CD's.
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  • Jack Trax 5 Rare Early Chicago House CD Sells For Nearly $58 in Ebay Auction

    Jack Trax The Fifth CD, a very rare 1987 compilation of early house music, sold for 31 British pounds ($57.76 U.S.) in a recent Ebay auction. The CD primarily features famous early Chicago house performers but also includes a very early remix from Detroit techno legend Derrick May (Mayday, Rhythim Is Rhythim). The tracklisting is as follows:

    01 J.M. Silk All in Vain (London Mix) (6:19)
    Producer - Steve 'Silk' Hurley
    02 Liz Torres Mamma's Boy (Club Mix) (7:26)
    Producer - Jessie Jones
    03 Master C & J In The City (Club Mix) (7:22)
    Producer - Jessie Jones
    04 Fingers Inc. Never No More Lonely (5:29)
    Producer - Larry Heard
    05 Phortune String Free (6:12)
    Mixed By - DJ Pierre
    06 Mickey Oliver Pump Up The Beat (4:42)
    Vocals - Speak 'n' Spell
    07 Candy J Some Things May Never Change (Dub Mix) (8:16)
    Mixed By - Kenny 'Jammin' Jason , Ralphi Rosario
    08 Mr. Fingers Amnesia (Unknown Mix) (7:16)
    Producer - Larry Heard
    09 Bang The Party Release Your Body (Mayday Mix) (7:20)
    Remix - Mayday
    10 Pierre's Pfantasy Club Dream Girl (Radio Mix) (5:44)
    Mixed By - Mickey Oliver
    Producer - DJ Pierre
    11 House Gang, The Cool J. Trax (6:52)
    Producer - Mike 'Hitman' Wilson
    12 Mickey 'Mixin' Oliver In-Ten-Si-T (5:01)

    Vocals - Shanna Jae
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  • Journeys By DJ Vol. 6 CD Sells For Nearly $58 In Ebay Auction

    Journeys By DJ Vol.6 (The Ultimate House Party Mix) recently sold for 31 British Pounds ($57.76 U.S.) in a recent Ebay auction. This house CD is one of the hardest to find titles from the Journeys By DJ series and was released in 1994. The tracklisting is as follows:

    1. Stronger Together (paul gotel's epic dub mix) - Rockmelons
    2. Damn Woman - Goodmen
    3. Back The Feeling (funky live edit) - Blender
    4. Forever Together - Young Braves
    5. Take Me Away (maxx suite dub) - Massimino L
    6. U Girls (shake it club mix) - Nush
    7. Aural Drive - All Things Nice
    8. U Got Me Up (danny tenaglia's club version) - Dajae
    9. Stoneage - Floorjam
    10. Te Amo (power track mix) - Sultana
    11. Come Get My Lovin' (remix) - Dionne
    12. Mr DJ (Dasilva/MacCready mix) - Screen II
    13. Final Frontier (acoustic mix)
    14. Difference (steng mix) - Djum Djum
    15. Something About U (deerstalker dub mix) - Mr. Roy
    16. P.I.A.N.O. (g spot mix) - Blue Room
    17. Beat About The Bush - Daydreemer
    18. Superfly (hard dub) - Flavour
    19. High Up (vocal mix) - Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space
    20. Love Not Love (solar mix) - Act Of Faith
    21. Colour Of Love (play boys vocal mix) - Reese Project
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  • Hed Kandi "Back To Love" Sells For Over $67 In Ebay Auction

    "Back to Love", a Hed Kandi collection of rare and classic house and garage songs from the late eighties and early nineties sold for 36 British pounds (about $67.07 U.S.) in a recent Ebay auction. This is one of the most collectible and beloved compilations of this genre. The tracklisting is as follows:


    Disc: 2

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  • "Relics" A Transmat Compilation Buzz Records CD Sells For $36 In Ebay Auction

    "Relics", a 1992 Buzz Records CD collection of previously rare and unreleased works from Transmat Records, sold for $36 in a recent Ebay auction. The CD includes songs and intervals primarily by Derrick May and Carl Craig but also includes songs from Juan Atkins, James Pennington (Suburban Knight) and a co-production from Stacey Pullen. This title was also released as a vinyl issue that has been heavily bootlegged in recent history. The CD has a lot more songs than the vinyl version. The list of songs on the CD is as follows:

    1 Long Ago A Relic (5:18)
    2 Derrick May Interval 1 (0:34)
    3 Rhythim Is Rhythim Beyond The Dance (6:28)
    4 Derrick May Interval 2 (0:26)
    5 BFC Evolution (5:25)
    6 Derrick May Interval 3 (0:45)
    7 Long Long Ago Another Relic (2:44)
    8 Derrick May Interval 4 (0:42)
    9 Model 500 Info World (4:59)
    10 Rhythim Is Rhythim Strings Of Llife (Unreleased Mix) (6:19)
    11 Derrick May Interval 5 (0:36)
    12 Mayday Wiggin (Remix) (5:11)
    Remix - Stacey Pullen
    13 Carl Craig Intro Crackdown (Remix Part 1) (0:14)
    14 Carl Craig Intro Crackdown (Remix Part 2) (2:08)
    15 Carl Craig Intro Crackdown (Remix Part 3) (0:10)
    16 Psyche Crackdown (Remix) (4:38)
    17 Derrick May Interval 6 (0:51)
    18 Mayday It Is What It Is (Remix) (MS6) (5:12)
    19 Derrick May Interval 7 (0:58)
    20 Rhythim Is Rhythim The Dance (4:35)
    21 Derrick May Interval 8 (0:43)
    22 Suburban Knight The Art Of Stalking (5:44)
    23 Derrick May Interval 9 (046)
    24 Longer Than Long Ago A Relic (5:13)
    25 Derrick May Interval 10 (0:42)
    26 Rhythim Is Rhythim Drama (4:39)
    27 Suburban Knight The Groove (4:58)
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  • Psyche (Carl Craig) Elements CD Compilation Sells For $40 on Ebay

    "Elements", an out-of-print Planet E 12-song compilation featuring many hard-to-find classic early works by Carl Craig sold for $40 in an Ebay auction on May 7. This was an advance copy of the CD but this winning bid amount is typical of the usual amont this item fetches in Ebay auctions. The compilation includes songs Craig released under the aliases "Psyche" and "Elements", and is named after a 1990 Carl Craig Transmat classic that also appeared on the "Techno 2" and "Techno 1 and 2" compilations released by KMS/Ten/Virgin in the early nineties. The list of songs on the CD is a follows:

    01 Psyche Elements
    Edits - Anthony Shakir
    02 Psyche Neurotic Behavior
    03 Psyche Crackdown
    Vocals - Sarah Gregory
    04 Psyche From Beyond
    05 Psyche Andromeda
    Mixed By - Derrick May
    06 Psyche Evolution
    07 BFC Galaxy
    Edits - Anthony Shakir
    08 BFC Its A Shame
    09 BFC Please Stand By
    10 BFC Chicken Noodle Soup
    11 Psyche How The West Was Won
    12 BFC Sleep
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  • "The Warehouse Remixes": Djax-Up-Beats Compilation CD Sells For $46 On Ebay

    "The Warehouse Remixes": Djax-Up-Beats Compilation CD sold for $46 on May 1. This CD features a selection of Chicago house and Detroit techno songs remixed by DJax artist Terrace, Armando, and Carl Craig among others. The CD features beautiful cover art and is quite hard to find. The tracklisting is as follows:

    1 Robert Armani Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix) (8:57)
    Remix - Hardfloor
    2 Paul Johnson 3rd Dimension (Remixed By Armando) (10:26)
    Remix - Armando
    3 Mike Dunn Magic Feet (Remixed By Terrace) (5:48)
    Remix - Terrace
    4 Ron Trent Altered States (Remixed By Carl Craig) (5:23)
    Remix - Carl Craig
    5 Robert Armani Ambulance (Remixed By Armando) (7:15)
    Remix - Armando
    6 Steve Poindexter Work That Mothaf***** (Remixed By Edge Of Motion) (5:11)
    Remix - Edge Of Motion
    7 Robert Armani Invasion (Remixed By Spasms) (8:10)
    Remix - Spasms
    8 Armando 151 (Remixed By Terrace) (5:48)
    Remix - Terrace
    9 Robert Armani Armani Trax (Remixed By Like A Tim) (4:58)
    Remix - Like A Tim
    10 Ron Trent Altered States (Remixed By Armando) (12:02)
    Remix - Armando
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  • Drexciya The Quest 2-CD Set (Submerge) Sells For $70 On Ebay

    "The Quest", a 2-CD compilation of early rare Drexciya material, sold for $69.99 in an Ebay auction yesterday. This compilation contains material on labels such as Underground Resistance, Shockwave, and Rephlex that is almost impossible to find on vinyl today. The compilation was released by Submerge Records.
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  • D.I.D. Astronomia CD Sells For Over $92 On Ebay

    The "Astronomia" CD by D.I.D. on Buzz Records sold for over $92 on Ebay on May 5th. This is one of the rarest Buzz Records CD's and like most of the others has never been re-rereleased or bootlegged. Dollar amounts of this type have become commonplace with some of the rarest Buzz Records products such as this one. The tracklisting is as follows:









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  • Sunday, May 01, 2005

    Dan Curtin "The Silicon Dawn" Peacefrog CD Sells For $39 At Ebay

    "The Silicon Dawn", a rare 1994 Peacefrog Records release, recently sold for $39 in the CD format at Ebay in an auction lasting only 5 days. Containing two tracks that did not appear on it's vinyl version, this classic CD has long been a popular favorite with DJ's and collector's alike. Dan Curtin is one of the few notable house or techno producers to emerge from the state of Ohio, and is considered by some to be the best techno producer the U.S. has ever produced.
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  • Buzz Records "Virtual Sex" Detroit Techno CD Compilation Sells For $91 On Ebay

    "Virtual Sex", a 1993 Buzz Records (Belgium) CD compilation of Detroit style techno recently sold for $91 in a 10 day Ebay auction. The value for this item is usually higher when it comes complete with the 3-D glasses that were issued with CD and vinyl copies of this title. This unmixed CD includes tracks from Redcell (B12 Records), Derrick May (the Montage Mix of "Icon" as Rhythim Is Rhythim), Kenny Larkin ("Tedra" as Lark, a song title that would appear later on his Warp Records/Wax Trax Records full-length release "Azimuth"), Carl Craig ("At Les"), Kirk Degiorgio with "Shambala" by As One, and other similar noteworthy icons of the genre. This was one of the last releases to come from Buzz before they seized to exist and is also possibly the last ever Detroit techno CD from Buzz. Some of these tracks besides the aforementioned Larkin track are fairly easy to find in other places. May's Montage Mix of "Icon" appears on the readily available "Derrick May - Innovator" 2-CD set. Craig's "At Les" later appeared on R & S Records In Order To Dance 5 compilation as well as Craig's own "More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art" full-length.
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  • Friday, March 11, 2005

    Carl Craig Retroactive #6 Record Sells For $65+ On Ebay

    A rare copy of the 6th vinyl release from Carl Craig's short-lived Retroactive label sold for 34 British pounds (over $65 USD) in an Ebay auction last month. Credited to "Open House Featuring Placid Angles", this was a one-sided promo copy containing two songs: "Aquatic" and "Resonance". Craig abandoned the fledgling label shortly thereafter to focus his full attention on offshoot label Planet E. All 7 Retroactive vinyl releases as well as a Retroactive CD compilation that appeared on the Buzz label from Belgium are considered to be quite scarce and are prized collectors items.
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  • Rare Carl Craig Buzz CD Nets $75+ On Ebay

    A copy of Equinox "Nite & Da", a 7-song CD released by Belgium's Buzz label in the early 1990's, netted over $75 in an Ebay auction late last month. This rare compilation was composed of tracks from Carl Craig's shortlived Retroactive label which existed for only a couple years in the early 1990's before he abandoned it in favor of offshoot label Planet E. The individual Retroactive label 12" singles where the tracks on this CD originally appeared are now almost impossible to find and usually sell for between $75 and $200 on the rare occasions when they show up on Ebay. The tracklisting for the CD is as follows:

    1 Urban Tribe

    Covert Action

    2 Carl Craig

    Wrap Me In Its Arms

    3 Sarah Gregory

    As Time Goes By

    4 Never On Sunday

    The Journey

    5 Carl Craig

    No More Words

    6 Carl Craig


    7 Open House & Placid Angles

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  • Monday, March 07, 2005

    Abacus "The Relics" Rare Prescription EP Sells For Over $73

    "The Relics EP", a rare vinyl record by Abacus (Austin Bascom) released on the Cajual Records sublabel Prescription Records sold for 38 British pounds (over $73 USD) yesterday. This deep, minimal EP was one of the first releases by the artist who later went on to successful releases on other labels such as Guidance Recordings and 83 West as well as a couple other releases on the Prescription and Prescription Balance labels. This fabled EP is long out of print and is one of the rarest records on the Prescription Records label, a Chicago house label known for its rarities such as the "Foot Therapy" and "Grand Lodge of Luxor" EP's, both of which also include tracks by Abacus.
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  • Aphex Twin "Digeridoo" R & S EP Sells For Over $40

    A copy of the very rare 1992 R & S 4-song EP by Aphex Twin featuring "Digeridoo" sold for 21 British pounds (over $40) on Ebay yesterday. One of the first Aphex Twin releases (perhaps the first) to get wide exposure and heavy airplay from DJ's, this EP is now considered to be one of the great classics in the history of techno music and one of the high points in the career of Richard D. James. This release also had a beautiful, unforgettable cover that was the perfect complement to the music. The 4 tracks on the EP are as follows:

    A1 Digeridoo (7:11)
    A2 Flap Head (4:46)
    B1 Phloam (7:00)
    B2 Isoprophlex (5:30)
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  • Drexciya's "Deep Sea Dweller" EP Sells For $46 on Ebay

    A rare original pressing copy of the "Deep Sea Dweller" EP by Drexciya sold for $46 on Ebay on Friday. This critically-acclaimed EP also was released later on Underground Resistance Records, however this rare original pressing copy was released on the Shockwave label, an Underground Resistance sublabel. Featuring 4 tracks of deep, dark Detroit techno and electro, this EP was destined for classic status from the day it was released.
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  • 69 "Lite Music" EP by Carl Craig Sells For Over $50...Twice

    2 different copies of the "Lite Music" EP by 69 on Planet E Records sold for over $50 each on Ebay yesterday. Produced by Carl Craig and considered to be the rarest 69 record on Planet E, this 4 song EP is a favorite of fans of deep Detroit house and techno. One copy sold for $50, while the other copy sold for 31 British pounds (about $59 USD).
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  • Drexciya 5: The Journey Home Warp EP Sells For Nearly $69

    Drexciya 5: The Journey Home vinyl EP on Warp Records sold for 36 British pounds (nearly $69 USD) on Ebay yesterday. This 4 song EP is considered to be the rarest Drexciya item released by Warp Records. Drexciya also has numerous rarities on Underground Resistance Records and its sublabels, including Shockwave and SID (Somewhere in Detroit). This classic record by the legendary Detroit electro duo was released in 1995, meaning it is classified as "early Drexciya" by so-called experts on the subject. Interest in Drexciya has intensified since the death of member James Stinson in 2002.
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  • Rare Underground Resistance SID 007 Sells For Over $80

    The 7th and final vinyl record released by the Underground Resistance sublabel known as SID (Somewhere in Detroit) sold for 42 British pounds ($80.78 USD) on Ebay yesterday. Reputed to be a limited edition of 300 copies, this rare Detroit techno gem contains a total of 3 tracks. By comparison, other releases in the SID series have sold for between $110-180 recently, so it appears this might be the most common of the 7 releases from the series, which featured several rare tracks from Drexciya over the course of its existence.
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  • Laurent Garnier X-Mix 2 Compilation Vinyl Sells For Nearly $100

    The 3 record vinyl set for X-Mix 2 (Laurent Garnier) sold for just under 52 British pounds today (slightly under $100 USD) on Ebay. While the CD issue of this title is fairly common, this vinyl counterpart is long out of print. This compilation is a big favorite with fans of Detroit techno, and numerous top artists from that region and subgenre are represented on this compilation, which features 13 tracks. The tracklist for this compilation is as follows:

    A1 Planetary Assault Systems Gated
    A2 Galaxy 2 Galaxy Journey Of The Dragons
    B1 Mazdaratti Excelsior Eod Fingered
    B2 Deepside French
    B3 Mike Dearborn Deviant Behaviour
    C1 Brian Transeau Relativity (Carl Craig's Urban Affair Dub)
    Remix - Carl Craig
    C2 Rhythim Is Rhythim Icon (Montage Mix)
    D1 Kenny Larkin Track
    D2 Laurent Garnier Moon Beam
    E1 Underground Resistance The Final Frontier
    E2 Dave Angel Original Man
    F1 HMC / ASIO Tropic Of Capricorn
    F2 Essence Of Nature, The Blue Orchidee
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  • Rare DJ Hell X-Mix 5 Vinyl Sells For Nearly $69

    The vinyl record version of X-Mix 5, "Wild Style" by DJ Hell, sold for 36 British pounds (nearly $69 US) in an Ebay auction today. The mixed CD issue of this title is very common, but the vinyl version, which is composed of 3 records containing 12 tracks, is quite scarce. The compilation is made up largely of Detroit techno (including releases on the KMS and 430 West labels) and Chicago house. The tracklisting for this compilation is as follows:

    A1 E-Dancer Pump The Move
    A2 Etat Solide Think About It
    B1 Sound Vandals, The On Your Way
    B2 Tronikhouse Smooth Groove
    C1 Random Noise Generation Hysteria
    C2 Nick Holder Erotic Illusions
    D1 DJ Hell My Definition of House
    D2 Bobby Konders Let There Be House
    E1 Steve Poindexter Let´s Work That Motherf.....
    E2 Phortune Can You Feel The Bass
    F1 Ron Trent The Afterlife
    F2 Mike Dearborn New Dimension
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  • Rare Judge Jules Journeys By DJ #2 CD Sells for Over $40

    A CD copy of the 2nd installment in the "Journeys By DJ" series sold for 21 British pounds (over $40 USD) on March 2. Mixed by Judge Jules, this 32-song CD is now hopelessly out of print. Several CD's from the series are now priceless collectors items, similar to this one. The tracklisting for this CD appears below:

    1 Seb Fontaine Hooked On Junk

    2 Blender Trouble Jazz

    3 Solo Love Can't Turn Around

    4 Funk Machine Let's Get This Party Started

    5 K&M Funk 'N' Drive

    6 290 North The Scorpion

    7 Z100 Testa Don't Stop

    8 B-Zone Aquetherium

    9 Loleatta Holloway Crash Goes Love

    10 290 North Spirit Of '93

    11 George Kranz Din Da Da

    12 Blake Baxter Sexual Deviant

    13 Victor Simonelli I Know A Place

    14 Chubby Chunks Testament One

    15 Jungle Brothers I'll House You

    16 Transformer 2 Just Can't Get Enough

    17 Ronnie Canada The Powers In My Music

    18 Lance Ellington Lonely (Dub)

    19 Deborah Wilson Free

    20 Dan Hartman Relight My Fire

    21 Dan Hartman Instant Replay

    22 Mukkaa Buruchacca

    23 Aspiryna 03 Bidibodibu

    24 Tilly Lilly Moltke Str.

    25 Structure We Are Structure

    26 Marshall Jefferson Ride The Rhythm

    27 Wildchild Jump To My Beat

    28 Mother All Funked Up

    29 Jump Funkatarium

    30 Myles Kayne Visions Of Love

    31 Pequena Habana Picking Up Transmissions

    32 Total Eclipse Come Together
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  • Journeys By DJ Volume 5 CD (Paul Oakenfold) Sells for Nearly $52

    A CD copy of the 5th installment in the "Journeys By DJ" series sold for 27 British pounds (nearly $52 USD) on March 2. Mixed by Paul Oakenfold, this 19-song CD is now hopelessly out of print. Several CD's from the series are now priceless collectors items, similar to this one. The tracklisting for this CD appears below:

    The Question by Seven Grand Housing Authority
    Jungle Kisses by Roc & Kato
    Where Do We Go? by Darryl James/David Anthony Project
    Generate Power by Photon Inc
    Do What You Feel by DC02
    Just Let Go by Petra & Co
    Hablando by Ramirez
    Body Baby by Global Groove
    I Do It Naturally by Kick Up
    Now by CYB
    Not Over Yet by State of Grace
    I Can't Take Your Love by B Real
    Future Groove by Joey Beltram
    Timeless Land by Yothu Yindi
    The Snake by Opal
    Dreams by Quench
    Little Bullet by 280 West
    Possible Worlds by The Shamen
    LSD by Hallucinogen
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  • Friday, March 04, 2005

    Rare Boo Williams Record Sells For $46 On Ebay

    Last Sunday, a scarce record by Boo Williams released on the Cajual Sublabel "Daisy Records" fetched $46 on Ebay. Williams used the alias "Moon Man" for this mid 1990's release, which features 4 different tracks. Williams is part of Strictly Jazz Unit along with Glenn Underground and released numerous records on Cajual and its sublabels as well as numerous other labels.
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  • K-Klass "Let Me Show You" Sells For $59 On Ebay

    "Let Me Show You", a 1993 massive piano anthem released by K-Klass on Deconstruction, sold for 31 British pounds (over $59 USD) on Wednesday. Widely played by Sasha, it includes a Sabres of Paradise remix. Many consider this to be the finest hour in the career of K-Klass, as demonstrated by this auction result.
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  • DJ Harvey Late Night Sessions Sells For $81

    The vinyl version of DJ Harvey's Ministry of Sound Late Night Sessions set sold for $81 on Ebay today. The auction attracted over 125 viewers despite running for just 1 week. Regarded as the ultimate Harvey collectible, this collection includes "New Jersey Deep" by Black Science Orchestra among other classics. This was a three record set, considered to be quite scarce by the standards of Ministry of Sound products.
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  • Model 500 Classics CD Sells for $59

    A CD copy of the compilation "Model 500 Classics" sold for 31 British pounds (about $59 U.S.) on February 18. This compilation, featuring several remixes of Metroplex Juan Atkins songs recorded under the "Model 500" monniker, was viewed to be fairly common until recently. The compilation was released by R & S Belgium and there is also a less common (but identical trackwise) Japanese pressing. The CD includes 9 lengthy tracks of classic Detroit techno, imitated by many but equalled by few.
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  • "Panic In Detroit" CD Compilation Sells for $34+

    "Panic In Detroit", an early '90's compilation composed of Detroit techno and similar likeminded material, sold for 18 British pounds (over $34 U.S.) in an Ebay auction on Thursday. Featuring works from Kenny Larkin, Dan Curtin, & Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes, this rare Indisc product was also released in a vinyl version and is a favorite with fans of minimal & ambient Detroit style techno. This compilation is long out of print.
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  • Monday, February 28, 2005

    Underground Resistance SID #6 Sells for $110

    The 6th vinyl record release from the Underground Resistance SID (Somewhere in Detroit) sublabel sold for over $110 on Sunday. Most titles from this rare sublabel were only available in person at the Submerge store in Detroit, though some copies of this record and #7 were alleged to have been distributed in very limited amounts through normal channels as well. No Underground Resistance collection is totally complete without the 7 records from this rare sublabel, one of the most storied in all of electronic music collecting.
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  • Rare Aphex Twin Warp Records "GAK" CD Sells for $108 on Ebay

    A scarce Warp Records CD of Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) recordings sold for $108 on Monday. This was a 1994 release known as "GAK" with serial number WAP 048 CD. While not considered one of James" best recordings, this rarity is obviously an essential purchase for any Warp Records or Aphex Twin completists.
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  • Underground Revolution "Revolution For Change" Comp Sells For $51

    The Underground Resistance 2 record compilation entitled "Revolution for Change" sold for $51 on Ebay today. This was a Network Records copy featuring a song not included on the Dutch CD release. This compilation of early UR standards was released in 1992 and has serial number "URLP 1". This collection is considered to be an essential purchase for fans of Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills. It is especially essential for those who don't have the original EP's these songs are taken from, or who own the records but don't want to play them to keep them in collectible condition
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  • Sunday, February 27, 2005

    Ten City 1989 CD "Foundation" Sells For Nearly $60 On Ebay

    The 1989 Atlantic CD by Ten City entitled "Foundation" recently received a winning bid of nearly $60. Once common in used and cut-out bins in the U.S., this now rare and collectible CD was produced by Marshall Jefferson and includes vocals by the legendary Byron Stingily. The 13 track CD includes remixes and extended versions of several tracks, adding to its desirability. The Ten City/Atlantic Records pairing was just one of many unsuccessful attempts to market Chicago house music to a mass audience in the late eighties and early nineties.
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  • Carl Craig Early Planet E CD Compilation Fetches $41 at Ebay

    "Intergalactic Beats", an out of print CD compilation of early material on Carl Craig's Planet E label, fetched $41 in an Ebay auction on Friday. What made the results of this auction even more impressive was the fact it was only a 5-day auction, and 5-day auctions tend to get lower winning bids than the more typical longer auctions. Several of the songs on the CD are now acknowledged classics, including selections from Piece, 69, and Balil (Black Dog).
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  • Black Dog Techno Playtime EP Sells For $160 on Ebay

    The 3rd release vinyl from Black Dog records, Black Dog's "Techno Playtime", sold for over 83 British pounds on Friday. Allegedly, numerous copies were melted at the distributor in order to create shelf space. All of the six releases on this label, which include a live cassette recording, an LP, and 4 12" singles are extremely rare and difficult to obtain in any condition. Black Dog later went on to enormous success on Britain's Warp Records Label.
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  • Lot of 3 Lemon Jelly EP's Sells for $1300 On Ebay

    A lot of 3 Lemon Jelly EP's released on their own label Impotent Fury sold for 670 British pounds (about $1286 U.S.) on February 19. Entitled "The Bath", "The Midnight", & The Yellow EP's, these 3 legendary EP's have a reputed TOTAL COMBINED pressing total of less than 800 copies in these screen painted versions, with the records having total pressings of 1000 each overall. The act was later signed to XL Records and released the wildly popular "Lemon Jelly KY" longplayer, composed of different mixes of the songs contained on these priceless EP's. There also exists an XL promo version of the full-length CD that features the original mixes as opposed to the mixes that came out on the official release. This promo is likely to become a prized collectible as well.
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  • Romanthony Azuli Record Sells for $71

    "Let Me Show You Love", a limited edition record that was Azuli's 24th release, sold for $71 on Ebay on Saturday. Azuli in its early years was widely considered to be Britain's top house & garage label, eventually abandoning its underground sound for more commercial pursuits. This is just one of many valuable releases by the artist who also has sought after rarities on the Black Male & Prescription labels among others. Considering the seller had a feedback rating of only "6", it is safe to assume this record could fetch a much higher price if sold by a more experienced Ebayer with a higher feedback rating.
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  • Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Lil' Louis Journey With the Lonely LP Sells For $95

    "Journey with the Lonely", the 1992 full-length release by Lil' Louis, fetched over $95 on an Ebay auction on Saturday. This was the 2nd LP from Lil' Louis, who gained worldwide fame with the anthem "French Kiss" in the late 1980's. This LP does not include that song but instead includes a tight collection of songs featuring house, jazz, and r & b intricately and expertly fused together. Epic CD copies of this album are fairly common in the U.S. as are most of the 12" singles released from the album. But vinyl copies of the album are a different matter entirely, rarely appearing on Ebay or elsewhere. While "Club Lonely" (with DJ Pierre remixes) and "Saved My Life" (with Kenlou/Masters at Work remixes) were the hit singles, it is the house ballad "Du U Love Me" which has best stood the test of time.
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  • Rare Underground Resistance Pair Sells For $350+

    A pair of vinyl records on the ultrarare Underground Resistance Records sublabel known as "Somewhere in Detroit" sold for the an incredible combined amount of over $350 on Friday. One lucky winning bidder landed both rare Detroit techno records, which were available only by appointment at the Submerge store in Detroit. Record #1 on the label, believed to have been a pressing of no more than 200 copies, sold for over $182. Record #4 on the label, of which around 300 copies are believed to exist, sold for around $169. The auctions drew a combined total of nearly 500 viewers.
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  • Drexciya CD Compilation Sells For $50

    The Submerge 2-CD compilation of songs by Drexciya entitled "The Quest" sold for $49.59 on Ebay today. This compilation is no longer available from Submerge and has become very difficult to find. Another copy for sale to UK customers only in a separate auction was at around $32 with nearly one day remaining in the auction. Interest in this legendary Detroit techno duo has soared since the death of member James Stinson in 2002. Drexciya already had an outstanding reputation within Detroit techno ranks at the time of Stinson's death.

    This compilation collected many of Drexciya's early work on Underground Resistance and its sublabels that is now almost impossible to find on vinyl. Included in the overly impressive tracklisting is the extremely rare track "Hi-Tide", which was originally available only on the ultrarare Underground Resistance sublabel known as "Somewhere in Detroit". This sublabel only released 7 records, the first 5 of which were available only by appointment with the Submerge people at their store in Detroit. "Hi-Tide" was included on the 5th release from the label.
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  • Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Yes There Are Valuable House Music Records

    The topic of this blog will be rare and collectible house, garage, and techno music records and CD's. An enormous number of products have been released around the world in these categories over the last 20 years and it would be impossible to mention every release that is rare and on the want lists of many collectors. I will try to draw attention to as many as possible, and will also mention some releases that I think will become collectible in the future but that are still bargains today. The blog will primarily focus on the buying and selling of house music records and CD's as it related to Ebay. I will be interjecting my own comments about the recordings from time to time, and these comments will obviously be my own only and hence very subjective. This blog will assume you are at least somewhat familiar with the artists and labels mentioned. If you are not a fan of house music and familiar with this material, this blog will mean nothing to you. This blog is primarily for DJ's and collectors who have a lot of old (or not so old) house music records lying around and are curious whether or not they have substantial resale value.

    I will start today by mentioning some rare records and the prices they have recently fetched on Ebay (in parentheses where applicable). Please keep in mind that the prices realized for a given title can be highly variable with examples in better condition obviously getting higher prices on average. So without further ado, I will mention some valuable house records, in no particular order.

    1. CVO (Glenn Underground) - The Wilderness EP - Balance Recordings #7 - ($46) - This copy that recently fetched $46 in an Ebay auction had skips. Balance Recordings was a sublabel of Prescription Records which at the time was itself a sublabel of Cajual Records. This mid-1990's release is extremely rare even by the standards of Cajual Records products. There are a lot of scarce Cajual and Cajual-affiliated releases, but this might be the scarcest of all. At, 37 people say they want a copy of this record while only 9 claim to have it. A copy of this record in excellent condition (if such a thing exists) could fetch upwards of $75-100.

    2. Chicago Connection - Dancin' (Cajual) ($51)

    3. Joey Negro/Sunburst Band - Here Comes the Sunburst Band 3 X LP (Zedd Records LP #1) - Long out of print, this has not shown up on Ebay in ages. I'm seeing wanted ads where people are offering $60 for this collection. It's hard to guess what a nice-condition copy would sell for on Ebay, but I'm guessing somewhere between $75-120.

    4. Joey Negro - Can't Get High Without You 4 X 12" vinyl compilation (approximately $48) - Zedd/Azuli

    5. Dajae - U Got Me Up Double Pack (Cajual #7 with Tenaglia remixes) ($38.97)

    6. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Prescription Records #000) ($36)

    7. CVO/Glenn Underground - Balance #1 Party Time etc. ($41)

    8. Prescription Records #1 Honi b/w D'Pac ($41)

    9. Ron Trent - The Nature of Retribution (Prescription Records #13) ($30)

    10. Carl Craig/Underground Resistance - Climax EP (Retroactive) ($200)

    11. Carl Craig - Open House ft. Placid Angle (Retroactive) ($71)

    12. Derrick Carter/Chris Nakuka - Magi Excurions EP (Bomb Records #3) - $36

    Newly Added to the list on 2/24/2005:

    13. Chez Damier/Stacey Pullen - The Classic EP (Serious Grooves Records #4) - the rare Balance record "Forever Monna" is lifted from this even rarer EP featured on the same Detroit label that included so many of the highest profile releases from Terrence Parker, Claude Young, & Alton Miller (none of which are particularly valuable or rare). Copies of the Classic EP rarely surface anywhere, and a copy in excellent condition would have a realistic chance of getting a high bid of over $100 on Ebay....this is a must for Cajual/Prescription/Balance completists despite not being released on any of those labels.

    14. Davina - Don't You Want It (Mad Mike Banks production) ($106) - This is considered to be one of the finest garage tracks of its time and actually appeared on 3 different Detroit labels: Happy Soul, Underground Resistance, and Soul City. This track has become enormously popular as the result of its inclusion on a Laurent Garnier Mixmag CD as well as some Detroit Submerge mix CD's. The Soul City pressing seems to be the least valuable of the 3 versions, but all of these different pressings have considerable resale value. The Underground Resistance version is #16 on the label; there was another song by another artist also released as #16 on the label but UR was known for doing this kind of serial number overlap fairly often.

    15. Underground Resistance - Revolution for Change double album compilation ($54.77)

    16. Underground Resistance - Acid Rain EP - Shockwave Records #8 ($40)

    17. Octave One (Anthony Shakir) - Never on Monday - blue vinyl test pression - 430 West Records Detroit - 1992 ($72)

    18. Smokin' Beats - Dreams - classic UK speed garage - ($68.65) - winning bid probably would have been higher if seller didn't have such miserable feedback rating


    HOUSE MUSIK - HM 601 (rare 1988 Chicago house record) ($51)

    20. Black Rascals featuring Cassio Ware - So In Love (remixed by Blaze) - Polar Records #4 - ($55)

    21. Black Rascals (Blaze) featuring Roger Harris - Keeping My Mind - Sumo #4 - ($52.50)

    22. Blaze featuring Cassioware - Fantasy - Shelter Records ($38.14)

    23. Johnny Fiasco - Moody Grooves Volume 2 (Cajual) ($20)

    24. Glenn Underground - GU Essentials EP (Cajual) ($24)

    25. Don Carlos - Alone (Irma Classics) ($25)

    26. Blake Baxter - KMS #11 4 track EP ("Get Layed", etc.) ($31)

    27. Freestylers - Don't Stop (w/Eric Kupper mix) - 1999 Mammoth Records release ($95)

    28. Frankie Knuckles/David Morales - United DJ's of America 2XCD ($34)
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