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  • Friday, May 13, 2005

    Psyche (Carl Craig) Elements CD Compilation Sells For $40 on Ebay

    "Elements", an out-of-print Planet E 12-song compilation featuring many hard-to-find classic early works by Carl Craig sold for $40 in an Ebay auction on May 7. This was an advance copy of the CD but this winning bid amount is typical of the usual amont this item fetches in Ebay auctions. The compilation includes songs Craig released under the aliases "Psyche" and "Elements", and is named after a 1990 Carl Craig Transmat classic that also appeared on the "Techno 2" and "Techno 1 and 2" compilations released by KMS/Ten/Virgin in the early nineties. The list of songs on the CD is a follows:

    01 Psyche Elements
    Edits - Anthony Shakir
    02 Psyche Neurotic Behavior
    03 Psyche Crackdown
    Vocals - Sarah Gregory
    04 Psyche From Beyond
    05 Psyche Andromeda
    Mixed By - Derrick May
    06 Psyche Evolution
    07 BFC Galaxy
    Edits - Anthony Shakir
    08 BFC Its A Shame
    09 BFC Please Stand By
    10 BFC Chicken Noodle Soup
    11 Psyche How The West Was Won
    12 BFC Sleep
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