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  • Friday, May 13, 2005

    Kenny Larkin Warp Records "Azimuth" 2 X 12" Sells For $115 On Ebay

    The rare Warp Records vinyl double pack issue of Kenny Larkin's classic 1994 LP entitled "Azimuth" recently sold for over $115 on Ebay. This title is readily available on CD not only from Warp Records but also from Wax Trax Records in the U.S. The vinyl edition is another story altogether and is very hard to come by as evidenced by the results of this auction. The auction also included a bonus 7" single. "Azimuth" includes the song "Tedra", which originally appeared on the Buzz Records 1993 Detroit techno compilation entitled "Virtual Sex". Curiously, the artist name was given as "Lark" in that case, the only time Kenny Larkin has used "Lark" as an alias.
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