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  • Sunday, May 01, 2005

    Buzz Records "Virtual Sex" Detroit Techno CD Compilation Sells For $91 On Ebay

    "Virtual Sex", a 1993 Buzz Records (Belgium) CD compilation of Detroit style techno recently sold for $91 in a 10 day Ebay auction. The value for this item is usually higher when it comes complete with the 3-D glasses that were issued with CD and vinyl copies of this title. This unmixed CD includes tracks from Redcell (B12 Records), Derrick May (the Montage Mix of "Icon" as Rhythim Is Rhythim), Kenny Larkin ("Tedra" as Lark, a song title that would appear later on his Warp Records/Wax Trax Records full-length release "Azimuth"), Carl Craig ("At Les"), Kirk Degiorgio with "Shambala" by As One, and other similar noteworthy icons of the genre. This was one of the last releases to come from Buzz before they seized to exist and is also possibly the last ever Detroit techno CD from Buzz. Some of these tracks besides the aforementioned Larkin track are fairly easy to find in other places. May's Montage Mix of "Icon" appears on the readily available "Derrick May - Innovator" 2-CD set. Craig's "At Les" later appeared on R & S Records In Order To Dance 5 compilation as well as Craig's own "More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art" full-length.
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