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  • Monday, March 07, 2005

    Aphex Twin "Digeridoo" R & S EP Sells For Over $40

    A copy of the very rare 1992 R & S 4-song EP by Aphex Twin featuring "Digeridoo" sold for 21 British pounds (over $40) on Ebay yesterday. One of the first Aphex Twin releases (perhaps the first) to get wide exposure and heavy airplay from DJ's, this EP is now considered to be one of the great classics in the history of techno music and one of the high points in the career of Richard D. James. This release also had a beautiful, unforgettable cover that was the perfect complement to the music. The 4 tracks on the EP are as follows:

    A1 Digeridoo (7:11)
    A2 Flap Head (4:46)
    B1 Phloam (7:00)
    B2 Isoprophlex (5:30)
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