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  • Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Yes There Are Valuable House Music Records

    The topic of this blog will be rare and collectible house, garage, and techno music records and CD's. An enormous number of products have been released around the world in these categories over the last 20 years and it would be impossible to mention every release that is rare and on the want lists of many collectors. I will try to draw attention to as many as possible, and will also mention some releases that I think will become collectible in the future but that are still bargains today. The blog will primarily focus on the buying and selling of house music records and CD's as it related to Ebay. I will be interjecting my own comments about the recordings from time to time, and these comments will obviously be my own only and hence very subjective. This blog will assume you are at least somewhat familiar with the artists and labels mentioned. If you are not a fan of house music and familiar with this material, this blog will mean nothing to you. This blog is primarily for DJ's and collectors who have a lot of old (or not so old) house music records lying around and are curious whether or not they have substantial resale value.

    I will start today by mentioning some rare records and the prices they have recently fetched on Ebay (in parentheses where applicable). Please keep in mind that the prices realized for a given title can be highly variable with examples in better condition obviously getting higher prices on average. So without further ado, I will mention some valuable house records, in no particular order.

    1. CVO (Glenn Underground) - The Wilderness EP - Balance Recordings #7 - ($46) - This copy that recently fetched $46 in an Ebay auction had skips. Balance Recordings was a sublabel of Prescription Records which at the time was itself a sublabel of Cajual Records. This mid-1990's release is extremely rare even by the standards of Cajual Records products. There are a lot of scarce Cajual and Cajual-affiliated releases, but this might be the scarcest of all. At, 37 people say they want a copy of this record while only 9 claim to have it. A copy of this record in excellent condition (if such a thing exists) could fetch upwards of $75-100.

    2. Chicago Connection - Dancin' (Cajual) ($51)

    3. Joey Negro/Sunburst Band - Here Comes the Sunburst Band 3 X LP (Zedd Records LP #1) - Long out of print, this has not shown up on Ebay in ages. I'm seeing wanted ads where people are offering $60 for this collection. It's hard to guess what a nice-condition copy would sell for on Ebay, but I'm guessing somewhere between $75-120.

    4. Joey Negro - Can't Get High Without You 4 X 12" vinyl compilation (approximately $48) - Zedd/Azuli

    5. Dajae - U Got Me Up Double Pack (Cajual #7 with Tenaglia remixes) ($38.97)

    6. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Prescription Records #000) ($36)

    7. CVO/Glenn Underground - Balance #1 Party Time etc. ($41)

    8. Prescription Records #1 Honi b/w D'Pac ($41)

    9. Ron Trent - The Nature of Retribution (Prescription Records #13) ($30)

    10. Carl Craig/Underground Resistance - Climax EP (Retroactive) ($200)

    11. Carl Craig - Open House ft. Placid Angle (Retroactive) ($71)

    12. Derrick Carter/Chris Nakuka - Magi Excurions EP (Bomb Records #3) - $36

    Newly Added to the list on 2/24/2005:

    13. Chez Damier/Stacey Pullen - The Classic EP (Serious Grooves Records #4) - the rare Balance record "Forever Monna" is lifted from this even rarer EP featured on the same Detroit label that included so many of the highest profile releases from Terrence Parker, Claude Young, & Alton Miller (none of which are particularly valuable or rare). Copies of the Classic EP rarely surface anywhere, and a copy in excellent condition would have a realistic chance of getting a high bid of over $100 on Ebay....this is a must for Cajual/Prescription/Balance completists despite not being released on any of those labels.

    14. Davina - Don't You Want It (Mad Mike Banks production) ($106) - This is considered to be one of the finest garage tracks of its time and actually appeared on 3 different Detroit labels: Happy Soul, Underground Resistance, and Soul City. This track has become enormously popular as the result of its inclusion on a Laurent Garnier Mixmag CD as well as some Detroit Submerge mix CD's. The Soul City pressing seems to be the least valuable of the 3 versions, but all of these different pressings have considerable resale value. The Underground Resistance version is #16 on the label; there was another song by another artist also released as #16 on the label but UR was known for doing this kind of serial number overlap fairly often.

    15. Underground Resistance - Revolution for Change double album compilation ($54.77)

    16. Underground Resistance - Acid Rain EP - Shockwave Records #8 ($40)

    17. Octave One (Anthony Shakir) - Never on Monday - blue vinyl test pression - 430 West Records Detroit - 1992 ($72)

    18. Smokin' Beats - Dreams - classic UK speed garage - ($68.65) - winning bid probably would have been higher if seller didn't have such miserable feedback rating


    HOUSE MUSIK - HM 601 (rare 1988 Chicago house record) ($51)

    20. Black Rascals featuring Cassio Ware - So In Love (remixed by Blaze) - Polar Records #4 - ($55)

    21. Black Rascals (Blaze) featuring Roger Harris - Keeping My Mind - Sumo #4 - ($52.50)

    22. Blaze featuring Cassioware - Fantasy - Shelter Records ($38.14)

    23. Johnny Fiasco - Moody Grooves Volume 2 (Cajual) ($20)

    24. Glenn Underground - GU Essentials EP (Cajual) ($24)

    25. Don Carlos - Alone (Irma Classics) ($25)

    26. Blake Baxter - KMS #11 4 track EP ("Get Layed", etc.) ($31)

    27. Freestylers - Don't Stop (w/Eric Kupper mix) - 1999 Mammoth Records release ($95)

    28. Frankie Knuckles/David Morales - United DJ's of America 2XCD ($34)
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