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  • Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Drexciya CD Compilation Sells For $50

    The Submerge 2-CD compilation of songs by Drexciya entitled "The Quest" sold for $49.59 on Ebay today. This compilation is no longer available from Submerge and has become very difficult to find. Another copy for sale to UK customers only in a separate auction was at around $32 with nearly one day remaining in the auction. Interest in this legendary Detroit techno duo has soared since the death of member James Stinson in 2002. Drexciya already had an outstanding reputation within Detroit techno ranks at the time of Stinson's death.

    This compilation collected many of Drexciya's early work on Underground Resistance and its sublabels that is now almost impossible to find on vinyl. Included in the overly impressive tracklisting is the extremely rare track "Hi-Tide", which was originally available only on the ultrarare Underground Resistance sublabel known as "Somewhere in Detroit". This sublabel only released 7 records, the first 5 of which were available only by appointment with the Submerge people at their store in Detroit. "Hi-Tide" was included on the 5th release from the label.
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